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Safety Inspection: Ladder

Ladders are an everyday item. We use them at home to hang the Christmas lights, we use them in the kitchen to change the light bulb, and in the garage to put away tools on those top shelves. Often we don’t stop to look at the ladder we are using, we pull it out, set it up and do our work. But what are the safety requirements when we use a ladder at a work site?

COR, CSAM, Safety inspection

Safety First

The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulations have a lot to say about Ladders in the workplace! Part 13.11 through Part 13.19 is all about portable ladders! (Part 13.20 is about fixed ladders, which is equally exciting)

One of the safety checklists that we use here at AXIS is a ladder inspection checklist. This check list a quick reminder of the components involved with this piece of equipment. Ensuring that everything is in top shape, after its been thrown into the work truck, left on a job site and then returned to storage for the next project! (sound familiar?)


  • Inspect each rung for defects
  • Inspect each rail for defects
  • Inspect and read the weight limits and class of ladder to ensure it meets your needs
  • Inspect each rivet for defects
  • Inspect the top and bottom of the ladder for defects
  • If using and extension ladder, ensure the two components slide freely without binding
  • If using an extension ladder, ensure the tie off rope is free of knots and defects
  • Do not paint any ladder
  • Do not use a ladder that has a defect
  • Do not hang any material off a ladder rung while working (unless it has been designed to do so
  • Ensure the ladders feet are free of defects
  • Do not do “homemade” repairs to any ladder
  • Report all ladder defects to your supervisor
  • Ensure you complete a JHA or FLRA prior to using a ladder
  • Should a ladder fail an inspection, remove it from the work site and notify your supervisor immediately as to why
  • Store the ladder in an area away or out of the elements
  • While transporting a ladder, ensure it is properly secure
  • If the ladder exceeds 10 feet in length, get assistance in moving it


I would love to hear about how you are keeping safe at your work place!

This information is for reference only, and AXIS is not liable for the use of this information and any incident, death or injury occurring from the use of this information.


Bonnie Pankratz


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