Overhead crane inspection

Safety Inspections of Overhead Cranes

Part of Crane Safety includes Regular Structural Inspections.

Overhead Cranes are an incredibly interesting piece of equipment.  They are made in many different ways and used in an incredibly vast number of industries.  Any manufacturer will use some kind of overhead crane!

Jib, monorail, gantry

Overhead Crane

Manitoba Work Place safety & Health

Manitoba Work Place safety & Health Regulations are incredible unclear when discussing the requirements for Overhead Cranes. If you simply look at page 227, Part 23.26 thru to Part 23.30 one would think that they safety inspection is very straight forward.  The piece that many overhead crane owners and safety managers miss is the requirement at the beginning of Part 23, which is to refer to the applicable code, which is CSA B167.

Overhead Crane Inspections

There are two main components to an overhead crane, the “HOISTING” component and the “Structural” Component. Most companies we come across understand and perform the required inspection of the hoist.  This is a mechanical inspection that ensures that the hoist will keep picking up what needs to be picked up. This is incredibly important. What we find on a regular basis, is the hoisting is inspected faithfully, but none of the structural components have been inspected.

Structural components of an Overhead crane?

The structural components of an overhead crane include the runway or rails, the column connections and the Crane Bridge.  These are the parts the hold the Hoist up. Maintaining and inspecting the hoist is only so good, if the structure that is holding it up, fails.

Overhead Crane Connections

Overhead Crane Connections

AXIS Inspection performs the structural inspection of overhead cranes, including monorails and jibs. This inspection is completed by qualified and trained inspectors who are looking for cracks, missing bolts and other deficiencies that happen over time.

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