Saying Good-Bye

Each month I like to take the opportunity to thank one specific client, or vendor that has in some way gone the extra mile for us, or given our company a special thank you. In the past month, so many of our clients and suppliers have blown me away, that I can’t thank or acknowledge just one of them.

Sadly, on Saturday, April 5th of this year, my dad (Art Pankratz) passed away. He had been sick last summer, but seemed to be doing much better. He was strong and still incredibly smart. Like always, he spent time with clients and colleagues regularly and was still enjoying some mobility. On Saturday, April 5th that all changed.

Final Retirement Party

In my eulogy to him I thanked those in attendance for coming out to Art’s final retirement party. As he had celebrated retirement on previous occasions, this truly would be the final one. What I didn’t know when I wrote my speech, was the number of people who would be in attendance. Although the day was a blur, there was over 400 people in attendance. Many of them men, which I was told by the ladies at the church, is very unusual. These men (and women) came out to pay respects to a person who had worked tirelessly for them. Art loved what he did and it showed.

Pankratz Engineering

Pankratz Engineering will continue, we will keep serving his clients, because Art wouldn’t expect anything less. The reason we will keep on working, is for these clients. For the people that shut down their busy offices on a Friday to celebrate the life and say goodbye to a friend and colleague.

To all the clients and suppliers that came out, thank you. Thank you for the compassion, kindness and patience that you have shown me and our company this past month, as we grieve, but also work to fill the incredible void that Art’s death leaves us all to fill.

He left us some big shoes to fill, but Art trained us all well. I know that he would never have left, if he didn’t think we were ready.

Until next week,

Bonnie Pankratz