Sexy as Puck

“The fact that this guy made this out of steel, welded it and was like, ‘I’m a man!’ – This is hot!” – Kaitlyn Bristowe, Bachelorette 2015

The colorful, sexy, irreverent and utterly hilarious Kaitlyn managed to beat out her nemesis Britt in this season of the Bachelorette, but it was none-other than Bachelor hunk Joshua, who made a sensation in the two-part premiere.

Instead of copying Kaitlyn’s ‘pucking’ jokes from last season like many of the other contestants did, the 31-year-old, small town, blue-eyed, blonde from Idaho decided to do something a little more romantic and manly. An industrial welder, he put his talent to good use making Kaitlyn a replica of the famous ‘rose’ out of steel. As he handed it to her on a secluded bench in the sprawling backyard of the estate/set, Kaityln’s eyes widened and a smile grew from cheek to cheek, showing, once again, that the world’s most beautiful women still swoon for the manliest of men.

In her eyes, it was clear that the thought of this man using fire to mold metal into one of the most romantic displays of affection was a perfect way to capture her attention and possibly her heart.



If you’re looking for a way to make the future ‘Ms. You’ swoon all over you, maybe it’s time to weld her a gift from your heart.


Until next week,

Bonnie Pankratz