Mechanical Testing

A few weeks ago, Dan Shewfelt, my business partner, and and super smart welding guy, gave us a blog about CSA W47.1 Option 3 testing.  Now, I am not a welder, but it seemed a little complicated and hard to follow.  But it isn’t!  So we worked a bit more on it, added lots of photos and have completed re-done the blog!

CSA W47.1 Release 2015 has removed the option for Mechanical testing (Side Bends) of 1/2″ FCAW/MCAW welder Testing.  It was super easy to pass, and there were legitamate reasons to remove this option.  The problem we are seeing in our test centre is that FCAW/MCAW typically is tested with 0.045″ Wire.  In the standard option 1, 3/8″ test assembly, the gap is only 5/16″, making the horizontal FCAW/MCAW test, nearly impossible to pass.

So, we needed a solution, and after checking out the code, we found a solution!

CSA W47.1 Figure 8 Option 3

CSA W47.1
CSA W47.1 Option 3

This is the code diagram for Option 3.  Plate size, and joint preparation is given.

These are available for purchase at AXIS Inspection




CSA W47.1
CSA W47.1 Option 3 Plate Prepped



Once you have your plates, and are ready to test:




CSA W47.1
Tacked Option 3 Plates


Tack the back of the beveled plates ensuring good joint fit up.





CWB Marked Option 3 Test PLate
CWB Marked Option 3 Test PLate

The CWB Will then Mark the test plate to indicate Stop/Start Location.  Note there is only 1 stop/Start for this test.  The plate will be marked for the welder’s preferred welding direction. Left to Right, OR Right to Left.  (This plate has been set up for a Left Handed Welder)




CSA W47.1
Stop/Start Weld Pass


The welder now welds up to the indicated “Stop” Mark.  The CWB Rep will now check this first pass.





CSA W47.1
First Stop/Start


This is the first Stop/Start Completed.  After this pass, there will be a Fill pass (Not shown)




CSA W47.1
Completed Option 3 Side 1


Fill up the plate, (Should only require 1 more pass)





CSA W47.1
Grind To Sound Metal (GTSM)

Now Flip the plate over and Grind to Sound Metal (GTSM)   Note the CWB Rep is to be watching this process to prevent excessive grind depth.





CSA W47.1
Max Grind Depth 1/8″

Grinding depth shall not exceed 1/8″.  This will remove the tacks, the Stop/Start will be ground from the backside to ensure full penetration of the weld joint.





CSA W47.1
Fill back side


Fill back side of plate.  This should only require one pass.




CSA W47.1
Completed Option 3 Test Assembly


This is a completed CSA W47.1 Option 3 Test assembly.  This entire test, including wait times, took 25-30 minutes.

This (if passed) would give the welder a bevel ticket.  But, let’s face it, you also need the fillet ticket.



Fillet Weld CSA w47.1
CSA W47.1 Option 6


CSA 47.1 Option 6 indicated the testing requirements for a Fillet test.





CSA W47.1
CSA W47.1 Option 6 material

First you need your materials.  Which are 2 plates, 6″x6″x 3/8″ (or 150mmx150mmx10mm)  which can be ordered at AXIS Inspection




Fillet weld
Ensure that Fillet weld is tacked at 90 degrees
CSA W47.1 Option 6
Tacked Option 6 Fillet Weld assembly


Ensure that fillet weld assembly is tacked at 90 degrees! Proper Fit up is as important as good welding, take the them to ensure your joint is accurate before welding!

The CWB will mark the Test Assembly with one Stop/Start and you are ready to weld.



Fillet Weld
Fillet Stop


Begin welding to you Stop Point.   At this time, the CWB rep will check your weld and advise you to continue.




Fillet Weld
Completed Fillet Weld



Complete your pass. and this is all that is required for the Fillet Test!



Fillet weld gage
Fillet weld gauge


Measure fillet weld, using a Fillet weld gauge to ensure that the weld does not exceed 8mm





Mechanical testing
Marked for Mechanical testing


You are done!  Now the Test Assemblies are send for mechanical test, and will be marked for testing.

Mechanical Testing
The assemblies will be mechanical tested as required


The Option 3 test plate is marked for 2 Root and one Face Bend and the Fillet weld assembly, will be marked for one Fracture and two macro Etch tests.




Fracture Test
Fracture Test of Fillet Weld
Macro Etch Testing
Macro Etch Testing


mechanical testing
2 Root & 1 Face Bend

For more information, or to book your welder test, contact us at 204-488-6790 or  More information is available on our website also!