Some of our Favourite Apps here at AXIS


My personal favorite and possible most used app: The Starbucks app.  This app allows you to pay conveniently with your phone, adding on to your balance
via credit card. The app enables you to see all previous transactions made. It tracks your stars, which get you rewards (free drinks!) Alas, if you are an avid Starbucks attendee, or even an occasional one, the Starbucks App is a must.

Square Reader

We have just recently received our Square Reader and are still setting up the app and getting ourselves used to the layout, but so far we love it. The app allows you to have full control of what you want your customers to see, there are easy shortcuts for each item on your list, as well as the ability to colour code said items.


Timestation is quite possibly the most helpful app to be invented yet for businesses. This app is so easy to use, it allows employees to punch in and out of work with the ease of scanning their cards (by holding card in front of the ipad/phone camera) It is compatible with all smartphones. Timestation is cloud based which means there is no software that needs to be maintained, and that managers can track data anywhere with internet access. With that being said Timestation also has an offline mode too, for those times you don’t have any internet access.


Not only do we have this blog, but we also have a facebook page, which can be checked out by clicking here:

We like using the Facebook App so we can share what`s going on in the welding world numerous times each day, and can attach links and photos easily. The app also helps us to reach more viewers.

Google Maps

As an Welding Inspection company a large part of our job is to go and inspect large structures of steel, in the form of things such as cranes or buildings. With this being said sometimes we don`t always know where we are going, or how to get to said location. A big life saver for this problem is Google Maps. Google Maps allows you to type in where you are and where you are headed and plans out and directs you along your route until you reach your destination. What if you go the wrong way? it will recalculate for you! What if you have to be there by a certain time? It tells you what time you will be arriving! Google Maps is so helpful and completely free to use.