Staying Hydrated

I thought it was time to share a warm weather topic, as I am tired of the cold and looking forward to the warm/Hot weather.

We all know that it is important to stay hydrated. But you may wonder, how can I tell if I am dehydrated?  We have a simple poster that makes this easy to remember for many people.


Clear Urine means you are very hydrated. Be sure to have enough electrolytes also!

Light Yellow/Clear –  If your pee (or urine) is a nice light colour.  You are well hydrated.  Keep drinking water throughout the day, but you are looking good!


Yellow Urine. Get the water, and start drinking!

Yellow – If you pee is a yellow colour, you are starting to show the signs of being dehydrated, so start  to avoid further dehydration.


Dark Yellow – Slow down, get some water and electrolytes. You are dehydrated.

Dark yellow – If you find that your pee is starting to get darker yellow, it is time to slow down, start drinking water, and possibly even some electrolytes, like squincher or another over the counter electrolytes to get your body properly hydrated.



Red Tinged – This is a sign of blood in the urin. Be sure to go to an emergency room right away!

Red Tinged. – This is BAD!  Go directly to the hospital


Dark Brown – GO TO the emergency room immediately. You are extremely dehydrated.

Dark Brown – THIS is BAD!!! You are extremely dehydrated.  Goto the emergency room immediately.

This article is not meant to give medical advice, but as a fun way to remember to drink enough water each day and keep hydrated!

Other information sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dehydration


Until next week,


Bonnie Pankratz