Structural Steel Inspection

AXIS Inspection has performed inspection and non-destructive testing on some pretty impressive buildings in and around Manitoba.  From the Trusses of the Investors Group Stadium to all of the wal-marts, Target Stores, IKEA and the Airport.  In each of these cases the owner hired AXIS to perform the inspection, or Quality Assurance on their behalf.

The question is “Why”.  Why does the owner hire an inspection company to perform inspections on their behalf?  Many times we hear the engineer say that they perform the inspections or “site visits” and have the fabricator do the inspection.

Building owners are beginning to realize that sometimes the fabricator misses things, or will overlook quality issues to save costs.

Here are some examples of issues that AXIS found on site, after the fabricator had completed their inspection.


Spliced Cantilever


Bolted connection

Missing Bolts

Owners want cost efficiency.  They want a building that will not cause them problems in the future, after the carpet is in and the paint is dry. They want to know that the structure is sound and they are getting what they paid for and AXIS works with the design and site team to ensure the building is what has been designed.

The engineering firms that we work with, realize that our inspectors are best suited to look at 100% of the structure and connections, allowing them to focus on specific deficiencies, and areas of concern.  Working together makes the project cost efficient and provides the owner with the best product they can get!

If you have any questions about quality assurance on your structure during fabrication or erection, please feel free to contact us! We would love to work together with you on your next project.



Bonnie Pankratz