Student Events

The Winnipeg chapter of the Canadian Welding Association, values students and are committed to providing opportunities for them to learn about welding and the local industry around them. Now we haven’t written a song about them, but we are planning some great events, and are participating in some even more amazing events hosted by others, who also recognize the value that students have.


May 13th 2015 – Manitoba Heavy Industry Career Fair – This is a totally hands on event where students have the opportunity to try everything from carpentry, & shingling to Welding and going up 50+ feet in a personnel lift.

This event is only for participating schools.  Talk to your guidance counselor!  More information coming soon!

Location: Red River Exhibition Grounds

Student Bursary

If you haven’t already downloaded the application for the CWA- Winnipeg Chapter, Student Bursary, Apply now! Application Deadline June 1, 2015


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