Summer travel

Summer days in the Truck

No one wants to be stuck inside all summer, especially in a truck. On hot days you want to be outside, on rainy days you don’t want to step foot outside and on Fridays you don’t want to compete with the weekend traffic going home.

For most employees who work out of their truck, spring and fall tend to be the best time of year. So how can you make summer a great time to work from a truck? Here’s five little tips and tricks:

Keep Comfortable.

You may have to wear protective clothing and if so, staying comfortable can be a headache. For years, police officers have had air-conditioning units available for their bulletproof vests. The best part, is that you don’t need to be a cop to get it. These units which can be found online are like hoses that connect to your vehicle’s air vents and tuck into your clothing. Transferring the cold air directly from the source into your bulky clothing. When you’re ready to hop out of the truck, simply pull the hose out of your clothing and get out of the vehicle. It’s just that easy.

Avoid the Bugs

Many people love having the window open but can’t stand the idea of bees, wasps or hornets getting into the truck. If you’re one of these people, consider getting a roll of mesh. Then, cut out a piece slightly larger than the window and use duct tape to fasted it to the inside of the door. By covering up the window with the mesh screen, you can still get the fresh air but without the stinging bugs.

Bring New Shoes

If you wear work boots all day, consider adopting another cheat from the police playbook. Rather than purchasing typical safety boots, check out companies like 5.11 Tactical which sell regulation boots that slide on and off using a zipper. Inside the car, keep a pair of sandals and you’ll be able to easily switch back and forth between job sites.

Keep Hydrated

If you ask most people what they drink in the morning, the answer is usually just coffee. Consider keeping a cooler in the truck with bottled water and Gatorade. With a quick Google search you can even find coolers that plug into your car to power it and keep your drinks cool all day.

Eat Healthy

One of the fastest ways to feel terrible on a hot day is by eating a heavy or unhealthy meal. Instead of swinging through the drive thru, try making yourself a wrap or salad the night before. Bring plenty of fresh fruit, nuts or trail mix to snack on and a bag of salted potato chips as a treat but also because the salt will help combat heat stroke.

What tips do you have for summer driving?

Hoping you are able to enjoy the summer!

Until next week,

Bonnie Pankratz