Thank you to Welders Supplies

I have blogged a number of times about our Welder Test centre.  What I have never shared is the story about how the AXIS Inspection Group – Welder Test Centre came to be.

Like most innovations, the AXIS test centre came out of need.  Winnipeg needed a place for welders to come and test.  After an intense six weeks of working until midnight, and latterly pouring our blood sweat and tears into building the test centre.  Our team put together a state of the art, well light, spacious and top notch testing facility.

You likely already know that we provide test plate assemblies, mechanical testing, practice time and CWB welder performance qualification and will soon be offering training, but what you don’t know  is, who all made this happen.

In order to get the test centre up and running in six weeks we needed a dedicated team behind us. Two companies really stepped up to the plate. Lincoln Electric of Canada and Welders Supplies believed in AXIS and our vision for this test centre and offered their support.

I promise that I will dedicate a blog to Lincoln Electric soon, but today I want to tell you about Welders Supplies.

Welders Supplies was founded in 1946 and is still a family owned  business, now under the direction of the grandson, Grant Cockshott.  Grant has moved the company into the 21st century and has turned Welders supply into “Manitoba’s premier distributor of compressed gases, Welders Supplies delivers a wide range of industrial-grade, high-purit mixed, pure specialty and laser-grade gases in a variety of sizes to urban, rural and remote customers”.

Grant and his incredible team at Welder’s Supplies has been with us since our conception.  They have worked with us and they have been instrumental in our growth and our success.

Thank you, Grant and your team for being a part of our success story.

Until next week,

Bonnie Pankratz