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The Safety we take for Granted

Odds are that when you walk into a building, drive over a bridge or stroll through a sheltered walkway, you probably don’t stop and think about the potential dangers that exist.

The reason you don’t is because for many years, and in most cases, these structures are built and tested by consummate professionals to withstand the rigors and tests of time, weather and phenomenon.

Many of us drive by a construction site and bask in awe and glory at the site of men perched high in the sky, carefully balancing and walking that tightrope of steel and concrete. We often think of them as the epitome of the blue collar worker, but it’s that “blue collared” guy who’s keeping the white collars safe in their offices.

Putting up a new structure isn’t easy. It’s a series of tasks that rely on expert craftsmen to design, build and test the structure.

That’s where we come in.

Keeping our Neighborhood Safe

For almost every structure that’s currently put up in Winnipeg, it’s our team from Axis that’s called in to test the job and make sure it’s safe before you walk in, under or on it. We’ve built our name and reputation on protection the people of Winnipeg every time they enter some of our most prestigious and prolific buildings.

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Whether you’re shopping at Walmart, Ikea or Target; when your baby is born at Health Sciences Hospital, it’s our team that keeps that massive crane from dropping steel all over you, and when you drive over a bridge that underwent construction, it’s us who makes sure it doesn’t cripple so that you don’t fall in.

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So here’s a big thank you to our army of men and women who spend each day making sure it’s not your last. Next time you see a construction worker, an architect, a welder or even a flagman – make sure you stop and say thank you. It’s thanks to these superheroes of construction that you and your family are kept safe in every building, on every road and while traveling across every bridge in Manitoba.