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The Story of AXIS – Part 4

As we started our 2009 fiscal year in November 2007, we realized that our rapid growth was creating an unstable foundation. We had started the company with three people and had rapidly grown to 12. We were having a tough time supporting the growth. COR Safety Registration was becoming a hot topic, and since we didn’t know where to start with a safety program, we started down the COR road. For anyone that has done COR, you will know if the lack of safety doesn’t kill you, the paperwork does. It was tough. During the same period, we also implemented ISO 9001:2008. Becoming an ISO certified company was so much easier than COR and within four months we received our designation while after 18 months we became SECOR certified. We were the first non-construction based company to attain a COR certification, and we acquired a 97% score on our initial Audit!

So now we had Quality Management systems in place, Safety Management systems were in place. And business completely slid. We let people go, a first in my entire career. We lost a large contract that we had been given the “verbal, go ahead”.

Back to the drawing board.

Associations & Memberships

Certifications & Organizations affiliations

  • ISO Quality Management System in Place √
  • Safety Management System in Place √
  • CSA W178.2 Certified as an inspection organizing √
  • Authorized CWB Welder Test Facility √
  • Diverse Client Base.  X – AH HA

We had a significant portion of our total work coming from one client. We had been working with them for two years to implement their safety inspection requirements and now they had no more emergencies and only planned maintenance inspections. We had done a great job. But now what?

AXIS expanding

Business Development in Progress

Business Planning became the daily activity. Hours each day were spent coming up with client contacts and going out to meet them. Spending time listening to what our clients and potential clients needed from their inspection company. Marketing our company only after we figured out what our core strength was. Realizing what we are good at and offering consistent high-quality service became not only our “Mission Statement” but our mandate. Trust me, we aren’t perfect, but our #1 priority is offering the best possible inspection and testing service to the Winnipeg and surrounding areas. It means that if someone else is more qualified or competent, we want to work with them and partner with the best instead of doing it half way.

Until next week,

Bonnie Pankratz


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