The Three “T’s” For Onboarding Employees

Axis has just recently undergone a large transition, which has resulted in the onboarding of several new employees. It has been an incredibly exciting time to see our Company grow, but it can be a very strenuous time if the entire company is not prepared for a new employee. We have created the three T’s of Onboarding Employees to help all small businesses prepare for new staff.

The first day of a new staff needs to have a fixed schedule, with time allotted to meet with their supervisor, coworkers, IT, administration, etc. Having meetings planned will allow the existing staff to have structured time together, as well as create a full day for the new staff, instead of having them unsure of what to do. It also gives them a good overview of the business and helps the new staff meet their work colleagues, and build important relationships.

It is important to ensure that a new employee’s email, phone, computer, and database access is set up and accessible prior to their first day. This will make the new employee feel like a valued member of the team when they are able to access information and communicate with colleagues from the start of their employment.

Any training that a new staff may need to qualify or excel at their new position (e.g. excel training, safe driving course, etc.) should be organized and booked within the first days and weeks of their start date. This is important so that they are able to complete their job proficiently, and with the correct qualifications.

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