Non-Conformance Reports

Today I received an ISO Non-Conformance

This week I received a Non-Conformance Report.

Our ISO 9001 Certification has been in place for almost 7 years, and during this time, I have written out many Non-Conformances, opportunities for improvement and preventative actions.   Over these years, some of them have been because of errors on my part, but this week’s Non-Conformance was a little different.

I was the problem.  I didn’t follow the procedures and systems that the AXIS team has worked hard to develop and ensure they are what is best for our company and for our clients. When confronted with what I had done, which did not comply with our procedures;  took a breath.  In my head, I thought “This is my damn company, and I can do what I want”, I am pretty sure I said this in my head, but my operations manager, who has known me for 23 years, looked at me and said “Do you want to keep putting more on your “to do list”, or are you trying to take things off, so you can focus on what you are good at and what is best for the company?”


NCR in Progress

As I wrote out the Non-Conformance Report, I spent time really thinking about how far we have come in the past 5 years.  It has been a bumpy road. Along the way, we have added team members who are so committed to this company, that they are prepared to, call me out on the things that I am doing which are not in the best interest of the whole.  The responsibility I have put in this team is only as good as my actions that give them the tools they need to succeed.

I have always told others that the Pinky Sparkly Binder (PSB) where we keep non-conformances; is to remind us that NCR’s are to make AXIS better.  (I would like to clarify, that it turns out that a pink sparkly binder makes me happier; our Quality Manager, is yet to be convinced)


Pink Sparkly Binder

Today, as I signed as both “person responsible” and management, I was reminded that Quality Systems such as ISO are only as good as the leaders that believe in the organization.

I am so excited about what 2019 has in store for our team at AXIS and the clients with whom we have the privilege of working together.

Until next week,


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