Top 10 Careers if Engineering doesn’t work out for you

So, you have survived 4 or more years of university and have realized that you either can’t get a job as an engineer (unlikely) or (more likely) have decided that you just don’t want to be an engineering.  Here is a list to other possible career choices.

Actuary -Interprets statistics to determine probabilities of accidents, sickness, death, and loss of property from theft or natural disasters. If you are a lover of math, but science was what was holding you back look no further.

University Professor – if all the knowledge you have from your university is a love of yours, why not make it your life too? Share it with others in a classroom. Now you get to decide if you’ll be everyone’s favorite or least favorite professor!

Technical Writer– if you loved learning and memorizing all the big fancy words for your exams, and explained them to all your friends, you’re half way to becoming a technical writer! They transform scientific and technical information into understandable language.

Veterinarian – do you have a heart for animals? Sure, you probably didn’t think this would ever be a career choice for you but take a second look into a poor puppies eyes and you’ll find yourself being persuaded quite fast.

 Chemist – was your favourite part of class doing all the experiments, learning hands on. Why not continue that by becoming a chemist and performing experiments as a living.

 Archaeologist – if you love going out for and find yourself becoming antsy if placed in a seat too long, this may be a good career option for you. Archaeologists work both in labs as well as on work sites, giving you the opportunity for a balanced indoor/outdoor amount.

 Petroleum Geologist – applies knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. So basically if you’re a math and science nut, you should probably go look into this career option.

Electrician – bring the gift of electricity to homes, stadiums, shopping centres and more! This career option is in high demand, and has a higher than average projected job growth.

Film and Video Editor – if you love math and computer science, put your brain to good work by becoming a film editor, being able to use some cutting edge technology and have fun creating your own videos.

Teacher – because those who can’t do, teach

These options may require additional schooling, but could be a good fit!
Thanks to Lily Pankratz for writing this one!

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