We survived Shutdowns!

Our company is very diversified we do mobile crane inspections, quality control, and quality assurance on fabrication and erection of structural steel, we inspect overhead cranes and run a weld test centre for the Canadian Welding Bureau, another area that we are involved in is Facility shut down inspections.

This year the 2 big shut downs that we are involved in were scheduled at the same time, this was a first and as we started to plan and organize for it, we knew we could do it.  So not only did we run these shut downs, we managed our regular routine work and a few emergency projects!  Our team here at AXIS put everything they had in to the last couple weeks and worked their butts off!  Between the 12-15 hour days on site, the 33 degree temperatures and the MILES of walking back and forth in the mill, the AXIS team pulled it together!

Now we will debrief and see what we did well, and what we can do better next year. We will look at how we can run these jobs even better and service our clients to the best level that we can. We had ZERO incidents and completed early! YEAH TEAM!

If your facility requires annual inspections, please contact us!