CWB Welder Qualification Test

Welder Training

A few weeks back we posted a blog about practicing. After all, how you can practice a skill for hours and hours and never get better.  Without instruction you are simply practicing the same mistake over and over again.  The more you practice incorrectly the harder it becomes to correct and learn a skill.

Here at AXIS, we recognize that as a welder you may have developed some bad habits that are preventing you from attaining your next qualification.

We want to help you.

The courses that we have designed and are offering are intended for the welder who has experience and may even be a really great welder in some processes; but wants to achieve that next level of qualification or increase their skill level and quality.

From This:

incomplete welding penetration

Backing bar came off this test assembly when the tack welds were removed.


To This:

CWB Bend Test

Successful Bend Test


If you want to learn how to weld, this isn’t the right class.  Red River College, Manitoba Institute of trades and technology, Assiniboine College and College of the North all offer great welding programs that will teach you the fundamentals to build you up as a welder.

Our goal is to make you a better welder.  Maybe you want to get a new job? Maybe you have an employee that has great potential or maybe you just can’t pass the damn CWB test. That flat will get you every time! ☺ If this is you, we hope that you consider contacting our office and signing up for one of our classes. Call us at 204-488-6790 or email wtc@axisinspection and we would be happy to help you!

For information on training and practice opportunities:   Click here for more information

Looking forward to helping you succeed!


Bonnie Pankratz