What to do This Winter

What to do this Winter

This winter in Winnipeg, it seems to be too cold to go outside! Temperatures are up to -40 with the wind-chill, and no one wants to be out skating for hours in this weather. We’ve created a list of activities, many of which happen indoors, with a few outdoor ideas for the warmest days of the season!

Go to a Hockey Game

Take a friend to a hockey game, whether it’s the Jets or the Moose, or to go see your friend play in a beer league! Going to watch a hockey game is always fun, especially with good company.

Assiniboine Zoo

Go and enjoy all the animals at the Winnipeg zoo! With the temperatures well below zero and enjoy all the animals at the Winnipeg zoo! With the temperatures well below zo watch the polar bears enjoy their favourite weather. The zoo has many parts that are inside and covered, so although you may be doing a lot of walking outdoors, there are many places to warm up, and discover new animals inside too.


Treat yourself to a relaxing day at thermea, and enjoy saunas, warm pools, and rest areas to help create the best atmosphere for you to forget about everything going on in your life for a day. You will not regret this one I promise.

Check out a Museum (or two, or three)

In Winnipeg there are quite a few museums to check out throughout the city. If you check on all the museum websites, you may find special deals for each one. The Human Rights Museum is free on the first Wednesday of every month from 5 pm – 8 pm. Other museums to look into are the electrical museum, the children’s museum, the Manitoba museum, the Royal aviation museum

The Forks

This year the Forks has so many exciting things to offer, including the always classic river skate. They also have created an amazing exhibit outdoors called the Ice castles, this is a must see.

The Forks has also created a new game, called crokicurl, which is a mixture of crokinole and curling. After enjoying these fun activities inside, pop into the market and pick up some warm hot chocolate, and browse the local shops in the area.

Fort Whyte

Enjoy some classic winter activities at Fort Whyte, and try ice fishing or snow shoeing! There are many trails to explore, and make sure to check the website for days with free rentals for ice fishing supplies! After the adventures, enjoy a delicious meal at the Buffalo Stone Café inside the main building.

Festival du Voyageur

Festival du Voyageur is coming up next month and runs from February 16th-25th. Check it out during the day to learn all about the history, and to try new foods, and go back in the evenings for live music and entertainment.


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