With great sadness

It is with sadness…

As welding inspectors, we routinely find highly trafficked construction sites that without testing would certainly self-demolish at some time or another. When you have a bridge, a skyscraper or an aircraft, safety has to be the most important factor in consideration during development. We must protect those who will be in or on them.

It is with a heavy heart that we see the news over the last number of weeks filled with devastating stories surrounding plane crashes, mid air disasters and buildings being collapsed, including hospitals, schools and more. While I am in no way suggesting that it was due to improper welding (I’d never suggest that), I am saying that as someone who understands how much effort goes into the safety of these structures, that it really hits me – especially if it causes death.

Is it the design, was a flaw left, undetected Perhaps. Perhaps not. That’s not for me to decide. Heck, I wasn’t even involved in any of those projects.

But when you work in the industry responsible for ensuring the durability of super structures, aircrafts and buildings, it always crosses your mind if perhaps there was something that could have been done to help protect the poor souls who lost their lives either by accident or in times of war.

On behalf of all of our staff at AXIS Inspection, I would personally like to give our deepest and most sympathetic condolences to all of the men, women and children who lost their lives in the disasters that have plagued the month of July. I would also like to express our condolences to the families of the victims and anyone else who was affected by these tragedies.

Finally, to the men and women who worked on these collapsed buildings and aircrafts; I cannot imagine how this is affecting you. I know if it was one of our projects, we would constantly be second guessing ourselves, wondering if perhaps we could have prevented these devastations from occurring. Rest assured though brothers and sisters, that provided you weren’t negligent, you did your very best to keep the victims safe, and who knows just how many other people you may have saved before them, that we thankfully never heard about in the news. We stand with you. We honor you.