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Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba

The WECM has been a incredible resource to me over the past nearly 20 years that I have been in business.    This organization is committed to working along side business that are owned and managed either entirely or partially by women.

Over the years I have taken a number of courses and sessions that have been invaluable to me as I learned to navigate the complicated waters of not only running and owning a business, but also the additional complications of being a wife, a mom and also a divorced woman with a family and a business.

Courses Offered

Courses such as “shoeboxes are for shoes” was a great start for me to learn about accounting,  as I was new to the whole business thing.  The facilitator went through in a practical way what the accountants require and why it is important to keep records.  Through examples and group discussion the ideas and information sunk in and helped move my business forward.

Regardless of if you are just thinking of starting a business, or have one going, the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba, is a valuable resource for any female business owner.

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