Wooftopia – Doggy Obedience & Daycamp

I am not a dog person.   I don’t really like other people’s dogs, I don’t even particularly love ours.   But she is growing on me and i appreciate that my family likes her and that even the folks at work enjoy having her around.   But left with me, she causes me extreme anxiety.

I made it clear to Scout’s master, who is also my business partner and husband that if he needs to be away,  that I am not taking care of the dog full time.  He needed to factor in doggy daycare to the budget. Concessions made, first trip away from the dog planned, doggy daycare arranged.

I dropped off the dog at her first doggy daycare experience, it was a place near our house, lots of people seemed to use it, these daycare’s can’t be all that different from each other, or so I thought.

We picked up scout after two nights and I could have sworn it was a different dog, she would not stop barking, she would chew on me, all the good behaviors that she had been working on the previous month were gone.  I was prepared to get rid of her, she couldn’t stay with us behaving in this manner.

Master intervened and worked tirelessly with her, but then the next out of town trip came up and i was adamant that the dog would not stay with me, or go back to the day care.  Off she went to Grandpa Shewfelt’s.  Being out in the country with lots of attention definitely helped.   She came back better behaved and calmer but also without a quick invite to come back.  We still had a long way to go.


Dog obedience

Scout Learning to “Stay”

Then the name Wooftopia came up.  A friend had been fostering puppies and had put them into doggy daycare to help socialize them and begin to work on training so they would be ready for their forever home.  This friend, suggested that Scout start going and after tons of questions, and checking out their website, it seemed that Wooftopia was different. First we had to go for an assessment.  Which made me nervous, what if our dog failed her assessment and she couldn’t go to doggy daycare?

After about 10 minutes with Dez, we were accepted in to doggy daycare and we signed up for our first couple days, again cause master was heading out of town again.  Scout went for two days in a row, she came home tired, but calm, after the weekend, which she slept a good portion of, she went back on the Monday.  After the third day we had a different dog.  She was calmer, better behaved and seemed more content.



First Day at Wooftopia

The following week was a five day stretch at Wooftopia and not only was her behaviour significantly improved, i liked her more.  She is still far from being a “perfect dog”.  We are still working on not barking, or picking up every office supply that she finds in the office.  But she is transformed.


oct 003

I have tried to convince Dez to change Wooftopia from doggy daycare, to doggy Montessori, because i think it is a more accurate name.   The focus is on human dog interaction and behaviour training, and they are succeeding.

If we hadn’t found Wooftopia, I don’t know that scout would still be in our family, and she defiantly wouldn’t be in our office family.


So a big shout out thank you to Dez and all the Aunties at Wooftopia,