World Food Day

Today is World Food day, a day in history recognized since 1945. It’s design is to help spread awareness for the need of food, both globally and locally. Access to adequate food is a human right, but still one in every four children are malnourished. In North America most people have access to more than an abundance of food. On a lunch break with coworkers there may be the ever so common issue of “Where should we eat this time”? All the food we could ever need is at so many of our fingertips, but today it is important to realize this is not many people reality.

Every year World Food Day has a different theme, in 2016 it was Climate Change. For 2017 the theme is Zero Hunger. The goal is to achieve #ZeroHunger in 15 years, as we work together globally. If you are interested in learning more about the theme for this year, click here.

In Winnipeg alone there are far too many cases of malnutrition and homelessness, and getting involved today could be the first step to zero hunger in our own community. When you grocery shop, pick up some extra canned beans, fruit, or vegetables, toilet paper, or coffee to bring in to Winnipeg Harvest. It’s contributions like these that keep their company running. If you want to know exactly what Winnipeg Harvest is in need of most you can click here.

If you are wanting to get more involved, there are dozens of soup kitchens that are always in need of more volunteers. Siloam Mission, Agape Table, Winnipeg Harvest, are just a few of the many organizations in our city working towards ending hunger. Bring together friends and family and call any organization, for a one time service, or a regular position. They are always grateful for extra hands, and you can enjoy helping others and giving back to your city with a great community around you.



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