Zip Cut (Cutting Disc) Safety

Zip cuts scare the heck out of me, but I recognize that these are tools that are sometimes necessary.   We avoid using a zip cut when at all possible but realize that when they are necessary we need to be extremely cautious.

The first assessment is to determine if any other possible option will work, if nothing else will work we need to look at the job at hand.

  1. How can we safety position the piece?
  2. All PPE is worn used properly.
  3. Guards are in place and used.
  4. Others are out of the area, in case a disc shatters.
  5. The person using the zip is competent and confident in using the equipment.

There is a great video that outlines the entire process of determining the use, and safe use of a zip disc.  Check it out for more information!


Keep Safe.

Until next week,

Bonnie Pankratz