qualification vs certification

Welding qualification and welding certification are two separate processes. The difference between welding qualification and certification is a common source of confusion in the welding industry. While these terms are often used interchangeably, they refer to distinct processes.

Welding qualification

Welding qualification refers to the process of testing and evaluating a welder’s skills and abilities. This is typically done through a series of tests that assess the welder’s ability to produce high-quality welds that meet specific standards. The process of welding qualification can vary depending on the industry and the job’s specific requirements. Structural welding qualification is done through practical hands-on testing, and pressure welding qualification also involves years of documented experience and written exams in addition to practical hands-on testing. Once a welder has completed the welding qualification process, they may be qualified to perform specific welding work. However, this does not mean that they are certified welders. In short: welding qualification is the process of testing and evaluating a welder’s skills and abilities.

Welding Certification

In Canada, Structural Welding is overseen by the CWB Group. Welder Certification requires a quality management process that includes approved weld procedures and welding data sheets. Also, a qualified welding supervisor, often a welding engineer, is retained or on staff providing direction and overview of the welding work. Finally it requires certified consumables, an audit process and other document verification controls. The qualified welder is one part of the company’s welding certification process. Note that a similar process is in place for Pressure welding. Pressure welding is authorized through each province separately. In short: welding certification is a formal recognition of the company being verified by a third party for implementing a quality control management process.


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