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Structural Steel & Rebar Inspection

Inspecting structural steel is a critical process to ensure that the steel meets the required safety and quality standards. The inspection process involves visually examining the steel for defects, such as cracks, corrosion or deformation, and utilizing NDT Methods. Additionally, AXIS provides full CSA S16 Annex P coverage of your Structural Steel Inspection requirements.

Bridge & Infrastructure Inspection

AXIS offers quality assurance, visual and non-destructive inspections, and destructive testing for bridges from fabrication to remediation, including fabrication, erection, and in-service bridge inspections.

Mobile Cranes, Mobile Equipment Inspection

Our team of inspectors and technicians provide thorough, accurate, and efficient inspections to keep your equipment up-to-date and certified. Our services include a comprehensive inspection of all crane components and certification to meet CSA requirements and our engineers can provide certification from British Columbia to Ontario.

Mining Equipment & Facility Structures Inspection and NDT

We offer Visual Inspection and Non-Destructive testing for mining equipment to mobile equipment and facility structures including headframes. AXIS can provide your annual preventative maintenance inspections.

Mechanical/Destructive Testing

We are specialized in CWB Welder Performance Qualifications, CWB Weld Procedure Qualifications, AWS Procedure & Performance Qualifications, CSA Z662 Procedure & Performance Testing and ASME Procedure & Performance Testing. We also offer company-specific mechanical testing.

NACE Coating Inspection

NACE coating inspection involves evaluating the quality of a protective coating applied to steel. The NACE coating inspection process includes visual examination, adhesion testing & thickness measurements.

Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification

We inspect all kinds of lifting equipment such as man-baskets (hook suspended and boom mounted), spreader beams, specialized lift devices, forklift attachments, plate lifters, mechanical equipment lifters, fall arrest systems, facility specific lifting devices, lifting devices

AXIS Provides peace of mind for owners, design engineers and construction management teams by offering quality assurance, third-party witnessing, project surveillance and expediting services on various projects, from transformers to bridges and structural steel to pumps and impellers.

Non Destructive Testing

Liquid Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, and Ultrasonic Testing are some common test methods. AXIS also offers Ferrite Testing, XRF (or positive material identification), hardness testing and various other non-destructive examination methods.

Overhead Cranes & Facility Inspection

AXIS provides structural inspections for overhead cranes and facility lifting equipment. Overhead crane components include a runway, columns, column connections, the bridge and a hook. Monorails, jibs, and gantry cranes are important overhead cranes that require inspection.

Tanks, Vessels and Piping Inspection

AXIS can inspect propane & ammonia tanks, pressure vessels, wastewater tanks, fuel storage tanks, autoclaves, boilers, water towers, ore bins, and piping systems.

Welder Training

We can assist with upgrading welding skills within your company. Are you introducing new welding processes and procedures? We are your training partner. AXIS is registered as a private vocational institute with the Province of Manitoba as an accredited training centre.

AXIS is a CWB accredited Weld Test Centre. AXIS offers CWB welder qualification testing weekly for SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, and MCAW for Carbon & Stainless steel and aluminum. The service offering includes deck testing, AWS testing, company-specific qualification, and procedure testing.

We offer a variety of weld test assemblies including CWB welder qualification testing plate and custom test assemblies. AXIS can provide exactly what you need for your weld testing. Carbon steel and stainless steel plates in 3/8” and ¼” are always in stock and available for immediate pick up or delivery. Alternative test assemblies can be custom fabricated for any material and thickness required.

AXIS is registered as a private vocational institute with the Province of Manitoba as an accredited training centre.
AXIS is a CWB accredited Weld Test Centre.

AXIS also has an office in the US, and our inspectors can inspect throughout North America. If you are wondering what we can do for you, but you are located in the US, please reach out for a quote or more information.

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AXIS Inspection Group Ltd has been an industry leader in industrial solutions for quality assurance and oversight, expediting, non-destructive testing, welder training & testing and more since 2004. AXIS incorporated in 2007.

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AXIS INSPECTION GROUP LTD. is a top-tier industrial service provider in the welding industry. Our skilled team offers our clients various services, Including: welding inspection, visual inspection, non-destructive testing, expediting, quality assurance, and third-party witnessing. Our Winnipeg location is also equipped to provide welder training, testing, and comprehensive destructive testing services.


Is to be a recognized leader providing solutions for industrial companies in North America and to maintain a commitment to continuous improvement.


AXIS is committed to providing an efficient service offering utilizing technological innovations while collaborating with industry stakeholders to become the first choice for industrial solutions in North America