Dan Shewfelt

AXIS Inspection Group is the only facility of its kind between Regina and Toronto.  We are proud to have a busy welder test centre where we have weekly CWB welder testing.  In addition to offering a state of the art Welder Test Facility which includes new Lincoln Welders,  Fume Extraction and consumables we also provide everything you need to have testing in your own facility.

The AXIS Welder Test Centre was created with the idea that we wanted a place for those who needed somewhere to do there CWB welder test.  Independent folks looking to get qualified, Mobile Welders who do not have their own shop and companies who need to get a few welders in when CWB can’t get to their shop.  Companies have recognized the cost savings of sending their welders to our facility in reduced down time of all the other welders and shop people not standing around watching and not having a machine out of commission (not in production) during testing.

As we can only accommodate 5 welders at one time we realize that Welding Shops will always run their own testing and want to help with ensuring maximum efficiency in production and cost.   Purchasing your Test plates from our facility will ensure that your welders are testing with correctly made plates, reducing the failure rate as well as saving money by not taking a production welder off the line. Your welders should be working to make you money.  Think about your production charge out rate, how many plates is your welder making in an hour? Add in the additional cost for buying correct material.  Typically we have found shops realize that buying plates from us is much more cost effecient.

After testing AXIS is able to perform the Mechanical tests and evaluations required and are set up to provide a quick turnaround of results.

Whatever your testing requirements are, Please contact AXIS inspection Group Ltd, Our goal is to assist you in being more productive and ensuring your welder testing runs as smoothly as possible, while maximizing your cost efficeincy.