Welder Training

As many of you may know we run a busy welder test centre here at AXIS. Most Friday mornings you will come into the shop and see all the welding booths busy with welders, a CWB rep going from booth to booth checking each welders work. When we started the Weld test centre nearly 5 years ago, this was the dream, all of the booths busy, and adding additional days to accommodate all the demand for testing. Now as we have past our 4th birthday and we are established as the premier testing facility in our area, we want to make sure that we are truly offering the BEST service to our clients. We have many welders who come in to practice for a test, either as a refresher or a new process, but we have not been able to offer training…….. until now. I want to hear from you. What would training look like to you? What process would you be interested in? Would you prefer evenings, or a day long course? We have the people and the facility in place, what we need now, is to offer the course YOU, the welder want.
I would love to hear your feedback about what you would be looking for in weld training.