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In the world of safety there are so many things to remember. So many checklists, and documents and just so much to do. By no means have I figured this all out and have the solution, but I have learned one important thing. Manageable sized tasks, I can not do everything and do it all well. I can do one thing well at a time. So over the next month, I am going to give you w few safety resources, checklists, documents, and lists that will possibly make managing your safety just s little easier. I have been fortunate to have met many safety professionals who have given me advise and practical tools. Some resources of course I have had to pay for, but one thing I have found is that there are many resources available for free and I have been given many. It is my turn to provide the community with a few.

Over the coming weeks I will provide a few basic checklists for some inspections that we here at AXIS perform regularity. Fire extinguisher inspection checklists, ladder check lists, grinders and fall arrest harnesses.

In no way do I think that my lists are the best or the only ones available. But after over 5 years of trying different checklists these are a few of the ones that work best for us. The best advise I have been given About safety is to prioritize your hazards. Know the most hazardous areas of your business and start there. Taking on a safety program is like eating an elephant; it can be done, but only if you take one bite at a time.

Until next week,

Bonnie Pankratz.


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