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AXIS is a certified CWB welder test facility. We offer testing to CSA and AWS codes in all main welding processes including SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW and MCAW. 

“Get some practice”

Who can become a CWB Welder?

To do a CWB Welding test, a candidate would typically have taken a welding course or have experience as a welder. As the structural welding test is different than both manufacturing and pipe welding, it is advisable to practice or have some instruction of the process.

There are some great videos on how to pass a CWB test. Including this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7DlDxAo4iI

What Welding Processes are Tested?

A welder can be tested for SMAW, GMAW, and FCAW/MCAW at our facility.  The requirements of the job will determine which tests the welder will have to take. 

For SMAW & FCAW/MCAW a welder can test in “All position” which will be flat, horizontal, vertical up and the overhead position.  GMAW is generally only tested in the Flat and Horizontal position.  Note: In Canada FCAW and MCAW are one ticket. 

Welder Qualification

Upon successful completion of their weld test, the welder will receive a qualification letter, which is valid for 2 yrs. The company is CWB certified, the welder is a qualified welder to CSA W47.1.  The company certification covers the entire quality control program which includes accepted data sheets and procedure specifications, the use of certified electrodes and qualified personnel.  Having a CWB welder qualification is one part in the CWB quality control program and does not make a welder “certified” to perform structural welding outside of a company certification program. 


AXIS Test Availability

We have testing available almost every week, Thursdays in July & August and Fridays; September thru June.  Pricing depends on testing being completed.

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