Welding Inspection 101

We all have heard about welding inspection but only a few of us are aware of what this job actually includes. Those who know about it are welding inspectors themselves. This means that there is some misinformation  about this task and how it could be helpful for you. Today, we will be talking about welding inspections only so that you get to know what this process is all about.

Inspection and Testing

A welding inspection is carried out by a welding inspector. This person is a trained and certified or qualified individual whose main job is to ensure that all the welded work in the structures are safe. He or she also ensures quality of these works. The inspector would be performing a number of tests for the welded connections. One of the most important one of them is the Ultrasonic Testing. In this test, the welding inspector will check whether the welds in the structure are safe or not. He will also check for any kind of defects and even small defects inside the weld that could be putting the structure at a huge risk later on.

Inspection of Trusses at Investors Group Stadium

Inspection of Trusses at Investors Group Stadium

During the welding inspection of a building, a welding inspector will use many different tools to assist with checking every aspect of the welds so that no issues are missed. One difference of the inspectors at AXIS, is that we do not only look for defects in the weld including cracking, undercut and lack of fusion, but also overall conformance to the design.

Welding inspections need to be performed on a regular basis, often annual inspections are required by codes and standards,  especially for any spaces that are being utilized commercially. During the inspection, the welding inspector may be inspecting and testing each and every welded joint in the pipe system of the structure as well as structural components of the building.  The inspector would be looking for defects and corrosion as well as deformation and other indications that would present concerns to the integrity of the structure or piping system.

After a welding inspection is complete, the inspector will tell you about the possible issues that have occurred in the system. The inspector will report on what is found and can work together with an engineer to determine any corrective actions that may be required.